Sunday, July 5, 2009

Calendar Update July 5 2009

Gifts From The Heart.....Back to basics

I guess our theme could mean different things to different people. When I hear "back to basics", I think of my grandmother years ago when she had a wood burning stove and would not get any new fan dangle (I know THAT is not a word) appliances and still had a feather bed. That was when you lived in the country and wanted to move to the city because things MUST have been better there (haha). Looking back now, that was one of the best times in my life when things were a little more simpler and the family ties were much closer.

Speaking of my grandmother, I remember her quilting and how labor intensive it was but what a beautiful piece of work it ended up being. I decided this year I would make a series called Quilts Americana depicting different parts of our country/states. This one is called "Colors Of The Southwest". The yarn color comes alive and is warm and vibrant. It is Peaches N Creme's "Premium" yarn and the color is "Spice" and "Deep Red".

The second one I wanted to show you is adorable. Susan Mrenna designed a cloth that has a home with a heart in it. How perfect that is for this year's theme. The cloth is actually called Heart and Home.
I think so far I have announced 10 patterns that will be in our 2010 calendar and I still have more to show you, some I haven't received yet. I think you will like all that we are putting together. I don't know how many I have total yet, waiting on some feed back from designers before I can announce the total.
Have a good week :)
Janet Nogle

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