Friday, May 15, 2009

Calendar Update-May 15th

Well it is the middle of May already and I guess some of you are planning your vacations for this summer. I am busy figuring out the calendar format, items and information to share with you and what our raffles will look like.

One of the raffles will include this cute little pair of knitting needles that say "I Love Knitting" and both needles have the face of a little kitty cat. These are really really cool needles. Some of the other raffles will include a tote bag, yarn and misc items. This is going to be an awesome give-away this time so stay tuned and visit often.

I can tell you that we have some exceptional items for our knitters and a lot of gift items for small budgets, some money saving ideas and gifts that people will use.

Jo Ellyn is working on this awesome tote to knit that is so pretty, you will want to make more than one. She is so talented and we are fortunate that she wanted to participate again.

We will have some "Quest Designers" that will participate this year. Two have been selected so if you design household items, please contact me we are looking for those that would like to have something published but don't know where to start.

I will share more info on what we will be presenting in a week or so, stay tuned.

Janet Nogle