Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Gifts From The Heart"...Back to basics

In going along with our theme this year, I am trying to come up with things from past era's that people are interested in. There will be lots of information to share in our calendar that I think most people will be interested in and some new items that will work together with other things you already have or patterns that you can mix and match with the patterns you currently have.

I just love Debbie's "Dress Dishcloth" from Our members at MonthlyDishcloth ask for that site more than any others. I didn't see a towel that compliments the cloth so I decided to design one and of course I wanted it to also fit in with our theme so I decided on something from the past and "Gone With The Wind" came to mind. I just loved all of Scarlett's dresses and clothes and thought our towel should be fancy too. There will be several ways of finishing it as far as closures and ways for it to drape over a stove or refrigerator. Debbie will be joining us this year with a beautiful new addition to her family of designs and it will work right in with our towel.

There is still time for those that are interested to submit one of their household designs to be considered for our 2010 calendar, so if you have a design you want to share, contact me at and I will let you know what you will need to do.

More later.................................