Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Calendar Update July 28, 2009

Gifts From The Heart....Back to Basics

Just a note to let everyone know what is taking place with our calendar. We are in the process of setting up a calendar website and getting ready for the kickoff that will take place in September. We will be taking advance orders for those wanting the printed version in mid August so watch the news for more info on that.

I have a series of blocks that remind me of quilts long ago when they were hand made. This one is called "Skies Over New York" and reminds me of birds soaring in the sky. I have one more block called Western Sun that I will show at a later date.

Alli Barrett has had designs in our calendar every year it has been published and is a charter designer for sure. She always comes up with beautiful designs. This one is called "Starlit" and I love the stitching done with this one. You can see her other designs at http://knitwitsalley.tripod.com/

You will see more information about pricing, kick off give aways and calender completion in the next few updates.
Thanks for your support.
Janet Nogle

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