Friday, July 10, 2009

Calendar Update July 10th

Hi everyone, I wanted to get this out to everyone before the weekend got started and I was involved with other things.

This year I have contracted Cindy Moore to develop a gift card for us to go along with our theme. There is also a pattern enhancement on the card. Cindy does a really nice job with designing the cards.

We will have a bonus section in the calendar again this year. This section will be dedicated to "sets". It could be cloth and towel sets, bathroom sets, just anything with more than one item. My set is a cloth and towel set and it is pictured here and named after one of my sisters. It is called "Shirley Two Heart and Moss Set". Photos don't always show true colors. The Washcloths are done in hot pink and light pink (looks like white) and the towel is done in hot pink.

The other design is from Sue Schaefer called "Land and Sea Market Bag". I love this design, it really brightens the bag. Sue always brings us really bright and useful items. You can visit Sue at :

Enjoy your weekend

Janet Nogle

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  1. How soon will you know the cost. You know with the economy the way it is we do not have a lot of yarn and spending money. Then how soon will you be taking orders? Was it about September/October last year? I loose track.

    I hope I can afford one this year. Looks lovely.

    called by the Lord,
    An W...