Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Knitting Pattern

For those who are not aware, I have put together a booklet dedicated to Peaches & Creme yarn and their contribution to the "Knitting" community. If you are interested you can visit http://www.dishclothcalendar.com for more information.

Here is a new pattern for those who like to try new patterns. It is a cloth pattern. You can use solids although variegated yarns are OK as long as it is a pastel variegated color.
Betsy The Bass:
Created By Janet Nogle
October 19, 2005
Materials: #7 Knitting Needles / Peaches & Creme Yarn Blue
Cast on 37
Rows 1-6 Knit across row
Row 7: K4, P29, K4
Row 8: Knit Across
Row 9: K4, P29, K4
Row 10: K18, P2, K17
Row 11: K4, P14, K3, P12, K4
Row 12: (RS) K15, P3, K19
Row 13: (WS) K4, P16, K3, P10, K4
Row 14: K13, P4, K20
Row 15: K4, P13, K8, P8, K4
Row 16: K11, P10, K9, P1, K6
Row 17: K4, P2, K2, P7, K12, P6, K4
Row 18: (RS) K9, P14, K5, P3, K6
Row 19: (WS) K4, P2, K4, P3, K16, P4, K4
Row 20: K7, P18, K1, P4, K7
Row 21: K4, P3, K24, P2, K4
Row 22: K7, P23, K7
Row 23: K4, P2, K4, P2, K18, P3, K4
Row 24: K9, P15, K4, P3, K6
Row 25: K4, P2, K2, P6, K13, P6, K4
Row 26: K11, P11, K8, P1, K6
Row 27: K4, P12, K9, P8, K4
Row 28: K16, P5, K16
Row 29: K4, P11, K5, P13, K4
Row 30: K18, P5, K14
Row 31: K4, P10, K4, P15, K4
Row 32: K21, P3, K9, K4
Row 33: K4, P29, K4
Row 34: Knit Across
Row 35: K4, P29, K4
Row 36: Knit Across
Row 37: K4, P29, K4
Row 38-43: Knit Across
Bind Off
Weave in ends.
Janet Nogle

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