Friday, August 14, 2009

News Flash News Flash News Flash

Hi and boy wait till you see how grown up we are now! We have an awesome new site strictly for our corner of the world, you and me. Our own place to find free patterns, chat with the designers and order your calendar. We are very proud and thank Emily for the work she site.has put into this

If you want to go sneak a peek, follow this link and it will take you to our new home.

The prices this year for the calendar are $16 for a download copy and $18 for a printed copy (the extra $2 help to cover my printing costs.) Shipping for the printed copies works like this: $5 shipping and handling for the first calendar you order and $2 additional shipping for each additional calendar you order. So for example, one printed calendar costs $23 (18+5) and two calendars would cost a total of $43 (18+18+5+2).

Availability: The download copy will be available for purchase on September 5th, the day we officially launch the calendar. If you want to place a Pre-Order for a printed copy, we are taking orders starting today, August 14th. Everyone who places a Pre-Order for the calendar between now and our official launch of the calendar on September 5th will receive a free gift mailed with their order. It is our way of saying thank you to help us get started this year. Pre-Orders might start shipping before September 5th, but I'm not going to promise in case I run into some last minute issues.

If you are ordering more than one printed calendar you have two options. You can either contact me to tell me how many calendars you want and I will send you an invoice or you can order through our automated process but you will need to add the additional calendars to the shopping cart one at a time. For example: I want three calendars, how do I complete this? Go to the page that has all the 2010 calendars listed. Put the first one in the shopping will see it listed in the cart to the right. Scroll down and add the one marked "Second Printed Copy" and then scroll down and add the the one marked "Third Printed Copy". When you check out, make sure you see three calendars listed in the shopping cart. We had to do it that way to discount the shipping on the additional calendars. Payment is made through PayPal and you will be prompted for a shipping address if you do not have one set up. Simple as that!

There will be a raffle held on October 15th. All the people who purchased a calendar will automatically be entered in the drawing. We will select 3 lucky winners to receive the following prizes:

1st Prize: Gift basket filled with yarn. This basket can be used for you to make up a gift using your own items to include in the basket for a friend or maybe your mom. The second prize is 3 skeins of yarn with a pair of knitting needles that say "I Love Knitting" and third prize is 3 skeins of yarn.

We are ssoooo excited, if you have any questions I am available and if I can't answer it I will have Emily respond to your request. You can contact me directly at

Thanks for your support.


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